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26 November 2019
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26 November 2019

Cat Litter Mat

Cat litter mat, usually called cat litter container, is located in front of your cat’s toilet is a product made of plastic or rubber material. It is used to prevent the cat litter from sticking to your cat’s paw while the cat leaves the toilet after the toilet.

It is recommended to position it directly in front of the cat litter container door. The use of such mats is mandatory for hygiene and health. This way you can avoid the possibility of scattering everywhere in the sand by cat walking around the house.

              Cat litter mat is produced in different colors and models. The most used models in mats are paw patterned cat mats and cat toilet front mats with sieves. Screened cat litter mat has a design that allows cat litter to be reused.

This ensures a hygienic and cost-effective model. Some mats have an adhesive system and manage to collect more sand themselves. Their price is slightly higher than others. Mop is an essential material for cat owners.