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26 November 2019
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26 November 2019

Caution When Choosing Cat Litter!

The material that provides us with hygiene and anti-odor benefits while meeting the toilet needs of our cats is known as cat litter. Different fragrances and varieties are sold in the market. It is basically divided into two as natural and unnatural. So, which one should we choose? Watch out when choosing cat litter!

Natural cat sands are obtained from three substances as sepiolite, diatomite and bentonite. Cat sands made with bentonite are the most preferred sand type in our country because of their liquid absorbency and hygienic. This type of lumpy sand needs to be cleaned every two days. Diatomite sands are fine and do not agglomerate, but have a dusty structure and may leak by not absorbing the liquid.

Sepiolite cat litter is made of ringlets and is not preferred because it has a weak suction and odor-emitting structure.

Non-natural cat sands are imported from Far East countries and sold at cheaper prices. However, it is not hygienic because of low liquid absorption. Watch out when choosing cat litter! It is enough for you to choose what is obtained by natural means and choose the one made of bentonite material for hygienic and odorless environments.