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26 November 2019
Caution When Choosing Cat Litter!
26 November 2019

How to Clean Cat Litter

Cats are very meticulous animals, they may be disturbed by dirty sand and their health may deteriorate. This will cause your cat to flush the toilet. You should clean the cat litter every two days. So, how to clean the cat litter?

First of all, you need to choose lumpy sands. Agglomerated cat litter is easier to clean. You can use a cat litter container or cat litter shovel for this. The sifting sands will remain in the sieve thanks to the sieve. You should collect and dispose of the cat poop with a glove.

If you use crystalline silica sand, the sand will trap urine and sand. You can easily clean it with a shovel or glove. When the odor begins to leave, you must empty the container completely and wash it.

Since pine cat litter is made of pine shavings, it is a very healthy and easy to clean material for your cat. When the cat urinates, the shavings become dusty and you can shake the sand once in a while to keep the clean shavings up. You have to collect the poo again with your hand. The net answer to the question of how to clean the cat litter depends on the sand you use, but it only changes in urine cleaning.