All About Cat Litter?
25 November 2019
How to Clean Cat Litter
26 November 2019

What are the Types of Cat Litter?

Cat litter, which plays an important role in cat restrooms, is basically obtained in two ways: Natural and Non-Natural. These are divided into varieties among themselves.

Natural cat litter Sepiolite, diatomite and bentonite are obtained from three substances. There is also natural cat litter from pine shavings. Sepiolite cat litter is made of ringlets and is not preferred because it has a weak suction and odor-emitting structure.

Diatomite cat litter is fine and does not agglomerate, but has a dusty structure and can leak liquid by not absorbing it. Bentonite cat litter is the most preferred sand type in our country because of its liquid absorbency and hygienic. This type of lumpy sand needs to be cleaned every two days. Since pine cat litter is made of pine shavings, it is a very healthy and easy to clean material for your cat.

Non-natural cat litter is obtained by passing various chemicals and processes to contain more liquid and odor in their bodies. Crystalline silica is the most well known variety of sand.

Although it is preferred because it is able to absorb liquid and odor at the highest level, it is cheap and there is no need for cleaning, the instincts of cats cause them to eat chemicals and become ill. Again, these sands are completely disposed of at the end of their life, although their use is inexpensive, although not cheap.